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Transport Delivery Credit Application

Please read the Application Terms below before filling out the Transport Delivery Credit Application form. All fields with an asterisk (*) are required. After your form is processed, a Bain Oil Delivery staff member will contact you to discuss your application. If you have questions about the application, please call (336) 299-0531.

Terms of Application

Applicant(s) consents to a credit check based upon the information provided on this application for the purpose of extending credit. It is further understood and agreed by Applicant(s) that if credit is extended to Applicant(s), the terms of such credit account will be Net 10 days or Net 30 with 2-cent premium. Applicant(s) agrees to pay a finance charge of 1.5% per month which shall be added to any account not paid in full by due date. In the event of any default, Applicant(s) agrees to pay all costs of collection including reasonable attorney fees if incurred.

Transport Credit Application

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